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Milestones through December 29, 2019

During the two weeks since the last report much progress was made, despite really sharp fluctuations in weather and temperatures. Completed tasks:


  • Concrete forms were removed from the top of the south portion of the dam

  • Grinding of joints was done to smooth the surface and will be completed in the spring

  • Sheet pilings that held back the lake and soils during the project were removed

  • The area behind the south wing wall was filled in as well as part of the former rail bed

  • Rip rap or shot rock was placed at both ends of the wing walls and along the shoreline at either end of the project to protect against erosion

  • The coffer dam, that took two weeks to build was removed in less than two days

  • Coffer dam materials are stored on Town-owned right of way for removal in the spring and reuse on Town projects in the water district territory in future years

  • Water begins again to go over the dam, a milestone achievement.


In Spring 2020, the Perras team will ensure that railings are installed along the top of the wing walls for safety purposes. In addition, restoration and repair of damage done to private property will occur as well as final landscaping of the areas around the dam site.


The Perras team delivered a great project within budget and met all the challenges of weather delays and unknowns that are always a part of such projects. They are a great group of people. Mountain View and Indian Lake year-round and seasonal residents, adjacent landowners, and interested friends of the community say:  "Thank you and job well done!"

As editor of this website, I want to thank the many people who have helped make it possible. The Perras team was extremely accommodating at all stages of the project in allowing access to safe locations to acquire the many images, for answering questions, and explaining details in stages of the project to share on this website. From the beginning of the project, Town of Bellmont Supervisor Bruce Russell has been supportive of, and contributing to, this website. Thanks to Bob Hest for providing text for copy, some photos, and photo captions. Most of all thank you to all of you who have expressed your appreciation of our ongoing updates. It has been a  fun, and at times wonderfully challenging project. We will finalize project updates beginning in the Spring of 2020.

Susan Day Fuller

Water Over the Dam... Again!

As of December 27, 2019 the Mountain View Lake Dam is once again performing its job of controlling and maintaining water levels in Mountain View Lake.

To see pictures and details of major progress achieved since December 13, go to Project Updates

High Praise for the Perras Team

Town of Bellmont Supervisor Bruce Russell has been on site on a regular basis to monitor progress. Supervisor Russell says, "Perras is a great company with many parts, however their personnel really makes the difference, including Dan Dineen, project manager, and Al his on-site foreman. (I realized I do not have a last name for Al, but that is how we worked to keep the chatter at a minimum.) We recognized that the work crew knew their job well, so there was no need for Town folk to cause delays.  The Perras team stayed very close to their timeline. They had only a couple of days of delays due to cold weather creating unsafe conditions for work team members."