Water is Flowing Over the Dam at Mountain View Lake... Again!

And we are missing our many family members, friends, and neighbors who are usually joining us now to enjoy our beautiful, safe, and peaceful Mountain View/Indian Lake/Owls Head community.

We hope to see you again soon.

Beginning in mid-May the Perras team returned to the dam site to finalize details of the project, which included installation of protective metal railings, and landscaping of areas that had been cleared during construction phases. The new dam and surrounding areas are significantly changed from the site as it looked in June 2019 before reconstruction began -- and certainly from earlier dam's constructions and repairs, including those in 1918 and1990.

At the end of May work was completed. This included the remediation of dirt areas and hydroseeding of abutments on the north and south sides of the dam next to the concrete wing walls. These areas had been cleared to allow equipment access to the dam, as well as storage for project supplies along Mountain View and Beach Roads. Within a few weeks grass will be appearing. 

In May 2020, the completed dam's site is ready for final remediation by the Perras team.

Enjoy a bird's eye tour of the Mountain View Dam Project.

Click on Bird's Eye Tour

Please Respect Property Owners' Rights!

Properties adjacent to the north and south sides of the new dam, and at the corner of Beach Drive and Mountain View Road, continue to be privately owned. Property directly abutting the dam on the north and south sides is owned by the Town of Bellmont. Public access to these areas is prohibited to ensure public safety and maintain rights of property owners.

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