Project Updates

Images taken through December 29, 2019

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Getting near project end. Concrete forms are gone and removal of the coffer dam infrastructure has begun.

The week before Christmas sees the start of pulling the sheet piling that held back the lake and soils during construction.

The stone pile in the center of this image is the rip rap that will protect the shoreline and wing walls just above the dam.

This activity is grinding the poured concrete to remove ridges that occur between form joints. The smoothing is important longer term to the integrity of the surface -- minimizing the corrosive action of flowing water.

The sheet pilings are gone and the area behind the south wing wall is backfilled, rip rap placed. This image is the first breach of the coffer dam that allowed the lake to flow to the dam.

The first trickle of water clearly seen. This image was taken on Sunday 12/22. The Perras team took advantage of the very much warmer days just before Christmas to complete the major elements of the project. Note the slab on the left -- shows how deep the frost went in the coffer dam.

By mid-day Sunday 12/22 a quarter of the coffer dam has been removed.

At the end of the day 12/22, two thirds of the coffer dam has been removed. The material is stored on the town right of way access to the dam structure on the north side of the project. The next day the rest of the coffer dam would be gone.

Note the thickness of the frost in the coffer dam tran-section. An "early" winter has had its effect on this project.

How the coffer dam was removed. All the material used was removed to the level of the bottom of the pond when the project started. Walking across the dam will soon no longer be possible.

Coffer dam is no more and shot rock is placed along the north shore to protect the shoreline from erosion and the wing wall from potential ice damage in this and future years. In less than 2 days, the coffer dam that had taken 2 weeks to build was gone.


Sluiceway gate is closed to allow lake level to rise prior to the next cold spell with below freezing temps

WATER OVER THE DAM! Between December 23 and December 29. For all of us who have read Floy Hyde's story about the Mountain View and Indian Lake community, this is a milestone achievement

A LAST SHOT BEFORE THE STORM PREDICTED JUST BEFORE THE NEW YEARS. Water over the dam and through the sluiceway. The rain and warmer temps of the prior week had caused a rapid rise in lake level. The gate is open to minimize pressure on the elements of the dam still curing.

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