History of the Dam

Discovery of relics from the late 17th or early 18th centuries.

While many site assessments and much project pre-planning took place to develop the complex, detailed work plan for the construction of the Mountain View Lake Dam, as is the case with any project of this magnitude, unexpected issues may arise.  This video shows the skill and techniques the machine operator used to move the huge logs discovered at the base of what would have been the original dam constructed in1855. The logs were transported to a location where they can receive a dendochronological assessment of age, species, and potential uses.

Given the size of the largest log, it could have been more than 150 years old when it was harvested, meaning it could have begun growing in the late 1600s.

From below the Dam 1918
Train on trestle c 1905
Train crossing trestle 1928
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From Historical Sketches of Franklin County and its Several Towns, by Frederick Seaver, 1918

In the western part of the Town (of Belmont sic) in comparatively recent years Indian Lake and Mountain View Lakes have had many camps built upon their shores. Mountain View (formerly known as State Dam, a dam having been built upon the river there by the State in1855 or 1856) was once one of the most prolific trout streams in the Adirondacks, and Indian Lake (Round Pond) was a famous hunting resort....

When I first visited it in 1863, the place was desolate enough. The sole building was a tumbledown barn, and the stream above the dam showed mainly only standing trunks of trees, half sunken logs and a waste of roots and limbs.

The act appropriating the money (Five thousand dollars from the New York State Legislature for cleaning and improving the rafting channel of the Salmon River) In 1893, and a further appropriation of two thousand dollars was obtained for the removal of this refuse, and the locality is greatly improve in appearance.


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Train crossing trestle 1928