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During the two weeks since the last report much progress was made, despite really sharp fluctuations in weather and temperatures. Completed tasks:


  • Concrete forms were removed from the top of the south portion of the dam

  • Grinding of joints was done to smooth the surface and will be completed in the spring

  • Sheet pilings that held back the lake and soils during the project were removed

  • The area behind the south wing wall was filled in as well as part of the former rail bed

  • Rip rap or shot rock was placed at both ends of the wing walls and along the shoreline at either end of the project to protect against erosion

  • The coffer dam, that took two weeks to build was removed in less than two days

  • Coffer dam materials are stored on Town-owned right of way for removal in the spring and reuse on Town projects in the water district territory in future years

  • Water begins again to go over the dam, a milestone achievement.


In Spring 2020, the Perras team will ensure that railings are installed along the top of the wing walls for safety purposes. In addition, restoration and repair of damage done to private property will occur as well as final landscaping of the areas around the dam site.


The Perras team delivered a great project within budget and met all the challenges of weather delays and unknowns that are always a part of such projects. They are a great group of people. Mountain View and Indian Lake year-round and seasonal residents, adjacent landowners, and interested friends of the community say:  "Thank you and job well done!"



Mother nature once again threw challenges to the construction crew since the last update. Very cold temps, combined with the early snowfall of almost a foot, postponed getting on with the task.

Never-the-less, the week ending 11/22 saw much progress, despite still cold temperatures.

  • the excavation needed  to get the footing area cleared was completed

  • Dewatering efforts continued

  • Footing forms were constructed and the extensive rebar structure built

  • The first pour of concrete for the south wing wall footing

During the week of 11/25 activities will include:

  • Forms erected for the wing wall itself,

  • Pouring the concrete for them will take three days

  • Some backfill of the area behind the wing wall will begin

  • Excavation of the area where the rest of the dam will be built will take place.

The Perras crew is confident that with the forecast of more seasonable and somewhat warmer weather they will be able to complete the construction of the dam by mid-December.



Mother nature came with a vengeance since the last update.

The overnight storm during the first week of November brought a grid power failure that lasted about 13 hours on Friday – a challenge to the project because the pumps that dewater the site are run on electricity coupled with an estimate of 4 inches of rain.

The outlet that the Perras team had put in place in the prior week had to handle all that water. It did work as planned, but because of the significant additional rain, water also went over the north end of the dam and around the south end of the sluiceway.

Work began on the south wing wall footings and the forms are in place. The challenge this week has been the heavy snowfall accompanied by really cold temperatures  arriving sooner than usual. Skim ice has formed on the lake. The workers are dealing with really difficult conditions.


The work accomplished since the last update has been impressive.

About half of the dam is now complete:

  • Excavated area behind the north wing wall has been partially backfilled

  • The control infrastructure and gate control mechanism for the sluiceway is installed

  • Rip rap, large irregular stones, was permanently installed below the north section of the dam and at the foot of the sluiceway

  • A new bypass was installed in the coffer dam that allows the flow to be diverted through the sluiceway during the completion of the south wing wall and southern section of the dam

Next steps include extension of the coffer dam to properties at the south side of the pond. This will then allow removal of the bypass that was installed at the beginning of the project. Excavation for the south wing wall footing and the wall can then proceed. The riverbed will be cleared of the materials used for the earlier phase of dam construction.

The project team at Perras has recovered the original timetable that had been delayed at the early stages by unanticipated issues. Project onsite manager expects that the essential work will be complete by the planned date. That will leave minor items and site remediation to be done in spring 2020.


Progress on building the new dam includes lots of steel and concrete

  • The sluiceway walls are formed, poured and await installation of the control gate later in the project

  • Footings for the spillways are excavated, rebar structure and forms built, concrete poured

  • Preparations have begun to change the location of the outflow to enable construction of the south wing wall and completion of the spillway

The next couple of weeks will include some significant shifts in the layout of the project: the conduits that have carried the river around the construction site will be moved so that water flows through the sluiceway. This step also includes the placement of stone ‘rip rap’ at the foot of the north sections of the completed spillway that will remain as a permanent feature of the project. Backfill of the excavation behind the north wing wall will also be taking place. The coming onset of winter weather is on the mind of the project manager who is confident the major work can be completed before winter arrives to stay.

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