Progress through May 31, 2020

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Following all the work of the Perras team in 2019, in the Spring of 2020,water is flowing again over the carefully planned and beautifully crafted dam.

In May, 2020, the dam site is ready for completion of site remediation.

At the beginning of May 2020, the dam site is ready for placement of safety railings and remediation of adjacent land areas.

The logs that were excavated from the base of the dam have been placed along the railing on the northern embankment.

Based on the size of these logs and where and when they were placed at the base of an early dam, the trees may be several hundred years old.

The water level gauge indicates the water level passing over the crest of the dam. The crest of the dam is 1484.7’ above sea level.

The Town of Bellmont is bound by the “run of the river” policy on the Salmon River, that ensures adequate water supplies for the hydroelectric facility in Chasm Falls.

The Perras team has installed erosion mats as part of their remediation of all land areas adjacent to the dam site and work areas.

Hydroseeding begins on south side of dam site. The process on both sides of the dam is completed in a few hours.

Hydroseeding is an efficient, cost-effective way to apply grass seed to large areas.

Hydroseeding is complete on the southern embankment of the dam. The environmentally safe greenish color shows where the hydroseeding mixture has already been applied.

Hydroseeding begins on the north side of dam site.

Hydroseeding of the northern embankments of the dam is complete.The process on both sides of the dam was completed in a few hours.

The gates of the dam are designed to be opened to increase the flow of water downstream when the lake level drops below the crest of the dam.